Donut 17 SE Camo – Wing only


Sku: T11015-12
Brand: TecLine


Donut 17 Special Edition (17kg/40lbs) for 2 x 7L & 2 x 10L
The wing is an irregular circle allowing a smooth rolling of gas in any direction, and thus to maintain a selected position under water.
Increasing the width of the wing and a special insert sewn on the outline of the wing give good lateral grip twin diving with additional cylinders.
In addition, the insert has caused an increase wing capacity without increasing its outline – created a small wing with large capacity.
A wide strip at the bottom of the wing allows you to take advantage of the additional capacity to provide the diver “high” position on the surface of the water.
Stable position underwater by easily maintain the gas discharge are.
Rear valve was placed “intuitively”. Reaching a hand into the cistern just to get it.
Inflation hose is centrally located so that the connector hose were exactly between the cylinders, allowing the discharge of gas infaltorem without a strong tilt up.
Complete with wing get additional, shorter inflator hose, allowing the selection of the correct size to your preference.
The wing is very narrow in the upper part giving virtually unlimited possibilities of configuration hoses and regulators and, just as importantly, free access to the valves.
The position of the wing relative to the plate can choose one of the two pairs of holes for mounting bolts wing for bottles.

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Weight 1.5 kg


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