Donut 22 SE Blue – Wing only


Sku: T11021-011
Brand: TecLine


Donut 22 Special Edition – BLUE (22kg/50lbs) for 2 x 12L
Donut 22 Special Edition is an ideal tool for both recreational divers just starting their adventure with twin sets as well as for advanced explorers diving each day with a few side tanks, scooters and other additional equipment. This proven design trusted by many satisfied customers went through a unique limited edition.
• small size that goes with proper capacity
and simple, safe construction;
• stable position underwater with twin set
and together with several tanks on the side;
• streamlined shape allowing for entering
the narrow spaces;
• durable material – UV resistant and hardy;
• capacity big enough for the wing together
with two tanks and a side tank to remain on
the surface and after having it put on by the
diver, to give him a high position above the
• quick release of gas in each position with
the use of both inflator and a back valve
(dump valve);
• separated placement of the hoses regardless of the type of regulators being used
and regardless of the configuration;
• safe and easy access to valves both under
the water and on the surface with the wing
fully filled

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Weight 2,0 kg


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