Peanut 21 Pro – Grey Kevlar DIR set


Sku: T12490
Brand: TecLine


Peanut 21 Professional (21kg/46lbs) – Grey Kevlar set DIR.
Tecline Set Peanut 21 Grey Kevlar Set
A small wing with the largest potential on the market! Peanut 21 asymmetric will surPrise you at least 3 times: ,very original appearance–it is the first asymmetric wing in the world, durability – 2 extremely durable layers ensure your safety, easily adjustable buoyancy and the largest capacity in its class – 21 litres ultra light – 950g only
TecLine Peanut 21 asymetric, is a series of wings with exceptional features:
  • very easy buoyancy control
  • extremely large capacity of 21 litres
  • very low weight of 950g (just think about it – below 1 kg)
  • extremely durability guaranteed by Cordura 1000D
  • 3D construction
  • enough space behind the head
  • enough space for placing the hoses in a desired configuration
  • it can hold even a heavy equipment above the surface of water
  • the asymmetric shape allowing for fast discharge of gas in emergency situations
  • various configurational possibilities
  • perfect configuration in combination with V2 ICE Mono regulator
  • comfortable placement of hoses in each configuration. 

An innovative construction
 of Peanut 21 ensures full freedom of the head’s movement and allows for comfortable placement of hoses in each configuration.
Do you care about a perfect configuration of the equipment? Use one of the versions of V2 ICE Mono regulator. Peanut 21 wing and V2 ICE Mono regulator is a perfect configuration for a diver swimming with a single tank.
Set includes:
  • Peanut 21 Grey Kevlar
  • SS backplate
  • SS mono tank adapter 
  • DIR  harness
  • Tank bands with SS buckles
  • Backplate soft pad with buoy pocket

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Weight 4,5 kg


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