Peanut 21 PRO Red – Wing only


Sku: T11190
Brand: TecLine


Peanut 21 PRO Red –  (21kg/46lbs) for mono tank – weight 0,95 kg
The innovative design of the Peanut 21 series allows free head movement and easy hose placement in a variety of configurations.
If you are a diver using a single cylinder, choose a Peanut 21 wing and a V2 ICE Mono regulator.
Tecline Peanut 21 Professional are dedicated for professionals like instructors
  • easy buoyancy control
  • large 21 liter capacity
  • weighs only 950g (less than 1 kg!)
  • made in Kevlar
  • 3D construction
  • plenty of head space
  • permits a variety of hose configurations
  • large capacity means even excellent surface support, even for heavy equipment
  • asymmetric shape allows for fast deflation in an emergency
  • combines perfectly with the V2 ICE Mono regulator

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Weight 0.95 kg


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