Penaut 21 – Arctic Set


Sku: T12400
Brand: TecLine


Peanut 21 (21kg/46lbs) – ARCTIC SET – weight 4,95 kg
The TECLINE Wing Set Peanut 21 Arctic Edition includes everything what you need to dive with a single cylinder (wing, backplate and single-tank adapter).
The special feature of the TECLINE Wing Set Peanut 21 Arctic Edition is the innovative TECLINE Peanut 21 Wing.
Because of the unique asymmetrical shape of the TECLINE Peanut 21 Wing you get enough space to optimally configurate the hose routing of the regulator. Further more the asymmetric design and the position of the inflator allows the diver to deflate the wing very fast.
Details TECLINE Wing Peanut 21
– Wing for use with single cylinders, suitable for 10 Liter to 18 Liter mono tanks
– Asymmetric shape and Position of inflator allows fast deflation
– Lift capacity: 21 liter
– Very low weight: 950g
– Material outer protection cover: Cordura 1000D
– Material inner bladder: PU210
Details TECLINE Backplate + DIR Harness
– Material: stainless steel, 3mm
– Weight: approx. 2.1 kg
– Standard harness; width: 50mm; color: black
– Crotch strap
– 1x Belt buckle
– 2x D-Ring shoulder Region
– 1x D-Ring waist strap
– 2x D-Ring crotch strap
Details TECLINE Single-Tank Adapter
– To mount the single cylinder
– Material: stainless steel
– 2x Single Tank Band with stainless steel buckle
– Screw set with nuts

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Weight 4.95 kg


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