We are a first IANTD Training Center in Dublin.
What is IANTD – this is International Association of Nitrox and Technical Divers.
All our programs, from entry level upwards, equip a diver with the skills and knowledge to become a safe, responsible, self-sufficient diver, in depth survival skills mentally and physically.
It’s a philosophy reflected in our Open Water Nitrox Diver course – why not start with the safety benefits of Nitrox from your very first dive? – and continues throughout all our training programs.
In 1985, IANTD released the world’s first enriched air diver certification – 10 years before other agencies followed suit. Since then, they are stayed at the very forefront of diver education, leading the way so that others may follow.
Our courses run in small groups of up to 3 people. We focus on creating safe diving and the continuous improvement of technical skills. We organize workshops  and trainings where you can expand your knowledge and skills.
IANTD Training Center organize diving trips and we welcome everyone who has passion for technical and recreational diving and trainings. 
We are the official distributor and technical center of DiverTug and authorized dealer: TecLine, No Gravity, Nanight, DiveRite. 






We are IANTD