General Terms and conditions of courses and trips

WreckDiving Training Center is a fully professional, register and insured company providing diving courses , diving trips, workshops and workouts in the field of diving in Backmount and Sidemount configurations.

  1. Diving Courses:

All diving courses are conducted according to the standards and procedures of IANTD – International Association Nitrox and Technical Divers.

1.1 WreckDiving training center is a member of IANTD and has the status Silver Facility.

1.2 All customers or students must show proof of diving certification from a recognised diver certifying organisation if taking part in any diving activity.

Does not apply to students who begin their diving education.

1.3 All customers must complete and sign the Terms and Conditions , relevant Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Form and fill medical statement before commencing in water activities in accordance with IANTD regulations

1.4 The WreckDiving Training Center is not permitted to dispense any medical advice. If you are unsure of your medical condition diving please seek advice from a certified Medical Practitioner before engaging in scuba diving course

2. Insurance:

As a fully professional training center, we strongly recommend that each student, after completing the basic OWD course, takes out appropriate diving insurance adequate to the diving level. We also offer assistance in choosing insurance.

2.1 The WreckDiving Training Center will not be liable for any resulting financial or personal loss or injury in the event that customers or students do not have their own insurance.

Only beginning students are covered by the insurance of the WreckDiving Training Center

2.2 Where the customer is negligent or irresponsible, and causes any damage to, or loss of property and equipment belonging to the Company, the customer shall recompense the Company in full, to the current market value of any loss or damage.

2.3 The Company shall not accept any liability for the loss or damage of any luggage or dive equipment whilst on board the boat, nor during the transfer(s) to or from the boat.

3. Dive trips:

All dive trips are planned in several days in advance, each trip is carefully analyzed and matched to the level of divers

 Where adverse weather conditions prevail, making it dangerous or inadvisable for the boat to travel, the Company shall reserve the right to delay or postpone sailing until more favourable conditions prevail. This may involve an adjustment to the itinerary, which may result in a cancellation of or change to dive site locations.

4. Payments:

4.1 We issue bills for all services provided

Payments can be by all major credit and debit cards, Stripe and SumUp payments, bank transfer, cash but please allow time for funds to clear.

4.2 All courses require a 30% deposit plus cost of books / materials as delivered. The deposit is non-refundable if the course is cancelled by the student except in exceptional circumstances.

The deposit for courses is valid for 6 months from the date of the payment on WreckDiving Training Center account , but in special situations it may be extended for another 6 months.

Courses rescheduled due to weather, illness etc will not forfeit the deposit. Deposits are not transferable to other goods or services.

The outstanding balance for courses must be paid in full to the WreckDiving Training Center before the time the course is due to commence

4.3 Dive trips – a 30% deposit per person must be paid on each dive trip before the booking can be taken.

Deposit for Diving trips couldn’t be extended.

The outstanding balance for all Tours or Private Charters booked must be paid in full to the WreckDiving Training Center before the time the trip is due to commence

4.4 Any Dive costs, site or boat fees, access fees, accommodation, cost of travel, gas etc are payable by the student for themselves.

The instructor costs are shared amongst the students.

Certification fees are payable at the end of the course.

This contract shall be governed by, construed, and enforced in accordance with the laws of Ireland